Resources for Saving Our Country

Using Nonviolent Resistance

Can We Save Our Country from Authoritarianism?

The rise of authoritarianism in the U.S. has been traumatizing many of us for 4 years.

Donald Trump has now publicly stated that he may not leave office.

Check the Coup-o-Meter website to find out where we stand.

"A coup - the undemocratic seizure of power backed by the threat or use of violence. "

Over 100 Activist Organizations are Preparing for Election Day and What Follows...

Daniel Hunter Has a Plan for This!

"As coup prevention has gained mainstream attention, here’s a series of tactics with a plan to defend our democracy."

Tactic #1: Strengthen election officials’ backbones

Tactic #2: Get democracy pledges from elected officials

Tactic #3: Local rallies on Nov. 4

Tactic #4: Organize actions at local board of elections

Tactic #5: Preparation and youth strike

Tactic #6: Consumer strikes

Tactic #7: Rolling strikes

Wed. Nov. 4th - 5:00pm EST

Tactic #3 Mobilize Local Rallies

Indivisible and a coalition of over 100 organizations have committed to protecting our democracy if Trump and his Republican allies create a constitutional crisis.

Here’s the Plan:

"We will hit the streets in our communities and demand that every vote be counted, even if it takes weeks to get an accurate count from critical states, especially given the expansion of mail-in and absentee voting during the COVID-19 pandemic."

SHOW UP - Wed. Nov. 4th - 5pm EST

Info About a Potential Coup & What We Can Do to Resist. Updated Daily! Check back often!

What We're Doing Now, before Election Day...

We're asking public officials and the media to not accept election results before all ballots are counted.

Nonviolent DIRECT ACTION - from Now Until Election Day:

>Get commitments from elected officials to Protect the Election

>Build Alliances to Defend Democracy

>Prepare to Mobilize Immediately if that Moment Arrives

Here's what you can do -

>Our Prep & Tactics Page will Orient you for Action

We can do this...together

Need to first learn about what the heck's going on?

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Nonviolent Resistance

How we respond to the rise of authoritarianism is even more important.

A comprehensive plan for on-going nonviolent resistance may be required.

(If you are not aligned with a nonviolent approach, you are on the wrong site. Have a nice day.)

Some Good News!

State Attorneys General Commit to Protect Your Vote

State Attorneys General Are Standing Up for a Safe, Fair and Secure Election.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey:

"Us in law enforcement and state AG's are going to be there in the courts making sure that your vote is counted."

Has Your State Attorney General Committed to a Safe, Fair and Secure Election?


It had a good run...

America Can Learn from the People of Belarus

They are Standing Up Against the Dictator's Rigged Election - Rejecting the Results

A must-read by Timothy Snyder from 8/16/20

by Timothy Snyder - Published August 16, 2020

Will the U. S. Also Have a Rigged Election with an Autocrat Declaring Victory?

Will We Take to the Streets and Stay Until We Save Our Country?

The Six Ps of Defending an Electoral Victory:

"We should learn from people who have taken risks for democracy, in circumstances more challenging than our own. Belarusans teach us what I call “the six Ps” of defending an electoral victory against authoritarian chaos:

Preparation means understanding that your local authoritarian will spoil the election and planning in advance.

Predominance means getting out the vote and winning by a wide margin, so everyone will know that the authoritarian is lying.

Protest means taking the streets when the authoritarian makes his move.

Peace means keeping demonstrations nonviolent as the regime discredits itself with violence.

Persistence means coming back anyway the next day, and the day after that.

Pluralism is a summons to groups, such as those Belarusan workers, women and doctors, to make their presence and their feelings known."

The Secret Sauce of Persistence

British investigative journalist warned us in 2019:

We're Watching the Rigging of the United States November 2020 Election in Real Time

The Trump regime strengthens its authoritarian foothold daily with new abuses of power and continues to be enabled by the GOP.

>The president spreads lies about voting by mail.

>The delivery of mail has been slowed by the U.S. Postal Service after the president appointed Louis DeJoy as Postmaster General.

>A wide range of voter suppression tactics are being employed - closing voting locations, strict vote by mail rules that will disqualify many ballots, creating doubt that may keep people from voting.

>Trump lawyer helped Kanye West get on the ballot in Wisconsin and other states in an effort to siphon votes away from Joe Biden.

>Foreign Interference - U.S. intelligence agencies briefed Congress on the sophisticated hybrid warfare currently being perpetuated by Russia

>The Director Of National Intelligence discontinued verbal Election Security Briefings to Congress as of 8/29/20. Congress will have no ability to ask questions.

>Threats by AG Barr about releasing the fabricated Durham report.

>Talk of Putin paying a visit before the election for nuclear arms talks.

>Trump tells supporters to vote twice - by mail and in-person. (which is illegal)

>Continued voter suppression tactics in states - removing drop boxes, installing unofficial drop boxes

>Trump refuses to disavow right-wing terrorist groups on numerous occasions (he finally gave a weak statement against them but later continued to provoke them)

>Right-wing terrorists plot to kidnapped, and potentially murdered Michigan Governor Whitmer because she violated their freedom by implementing a face mask mandate to keep those same people safe from a deadly virus.

>A few weeks later Trump supporters, referring to Governor Whitmer chant "Lock Her Up" at a rally and Trump responds with "Lock Them All Up."

>The so-called "crime of the century" that Trump and certain media outlets have accused the Obama administration of committing was slated to be a bombshell October surprise, but did not materialize due to lack of evidence after fours years.

>The FBI warns the Tramp campaign that Rudy Giuliani is being fed false information by Russian operatives trying to to interfere with the election. The Trump campaign makes unfounded claims against Hunter Biden with no evidence.

This list is updated as more rigging unfolds - check back for more...

Inspiration from Belarus

This is what a Democratic Revolution looks like.

"She reluctantly became the figurehead of the Belarusian opposition movement after her husband was thrown in jail for daring to challenge Europe’s last dictator.

Belarus has been ruled by the same man, Alexander Lukashenko, since 1994. Over the past 26 years, he has violently suppressed many who challenged his rule — jailing opposition candidates or driving them into exile. So Belarusians were unsurprised when the pattern began to repeat in 2020 — democracy was being subverted once again."

From the New York Times Sept. 23, 2020

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya talks of Her Rise from Stay-at-Home Mom to Revolutionary Icon.

"The nonviolent nature of every demonstration that took place across the country was both impressive and effective. Even after being targeted with rubber bullets, surrounded by riot police and experiencing physical violence and humiliation during detention, the protesters continued to patiently sing, dance or clap in response to the brutality of the regime. "

"Women made the change

"For the fourth week in a row, tens of thousands of voices are shouting “Long Live Belarus!” all across the country, and protesters are filling Minsk’s streets with white-red-white flags promising to never be silent again. The country has changed and that is largely thanks to women."

"Following the violent crackdown on protesters during the first two nights after election day, thousands of women spontaneously self-organized a march against violence."

"As the images of extreme brutal force used by the police against the peaceful protesters were spreading all over the international press, Belarusian women went to the streets to face the police and the special KGB forces responsible for those crimes. Holding hands, wearing white clothes and carrying flowers, the women shouted “We demand peace” and “You are someone’s child too” to masked and heavily-equipped riot policemen."

"Sign the pledge to Choose Democracy and join with folks across the political spectrum! These public commitments ahead of time increase the political cost of attempting a coup — because the best way to stop a coup is to deter it."

-by Daniel Hunter Sept. 18, 2020 on Waging Nonviolence

"While keeping people focused on a strong, robust election process is a must, we also need to prepare for a coup.

1. Don’t expect results election night.

2. Do call it a coup.

3. Know that coups have been stopped by regular folks.

4. Be ready to act quickly — and not alone.

5. Focus on widely shared democratic values, not on individuals.

6. Convince people not to freeze or just go along.

7. Commit to actions that represent rule of law, stability and nonviolence.

8. Yes, a coup can happen in the United States.

9. Center in calm, not fear.

10. Prepare to deter a coup before the election."