Saving Our Democracy

The Radical Right Has Taken Over The Republican Party

Not long ago there were two Republican factions:

The "gamers" and the "breakers" of the system.

Today's Republican Party is united in their effort to "break" our democracy, as explained by Timothy Snyder in the article below.

The Attack on Democracy Continues: taking a new form with many tentacles.

Moderate Republicans no longer exist. Election-denier Kevin McCarthy is Speaker of the House.

Authoritarianism expert Timothy Snyder explains how two factions of the GOP supported the Big Lie about the election. Read The American Abyss:

THE GAMERS of the system:
"One group of Republicans is gaming the system to maintain power, taking full advantage of constitutional obscurities, gerrymandering and dark money to win elections with a minority of motivated voters."

THE BREAKERS of the system:
"Other Republicans...might actually break the system and have power without democracy. The split between...the gamers and the breakers, became visible on Dec. 30...Senator Josh Hawley announced he would support Trump by questioning the validity of the electoral votes on January 6, 2021."

Most GOP GAMERS have now joined the BREAKERS and the party is a threat to our democracy.

The Insurrection Continues...But Who's Behind it All?
Let's look at one key organization: The Council for National Policy

This is an account of the measures they took, leading up to the deadly January 6 insurrection.

Six weeks after the January 6th attack on the Capitol, Anne Nelson wrote this investigative piece about the Council for National Policy

"On January 6, 2021, a stunned nation watched protesters storm the Capitol to prevent the certification of the electoral votes. In the weeks that followed, analysts struggled to define how much of the incursion was the spontaneous result of a “riot” and how much was a planned operation."

One major player in the events leading up to the assault on the Capitol was the Council for National Policy, an influential coalition of Christian conservatives, free-market fundamentalists, and political activists.

Over the previous year the CNP and its members and affiliates organized efforts to challenge the validity of the election, conspired to overturn its results, and tried to derail the orderly transfer of power."

The GOP has spent decades focusing on taking control of State Legislatures

They are now passing laws that suppress votes & allow them to overturn elections.

How We Respond to Rising Authoritarianism is Important.

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