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Nonviolent Protest Toolkit - Prepare Now for Resistance

If necessary we will mobilize immediately with a one-off protest.

>>Read & download the resources below on Nonviolence, De-Escalation & the Peacekeeper Role<<

Download & Read this handbook BEFORE the Nov. 4th Protest!

Download & Print THIS HANDOUT - Give it to Your Protest Participants.

You'll Need Peacekeepers for Nov 4th -Use this manual for basic Peacekeeper orientation. Use De-escalation to Stay Nonviolent with Counter-Protesters.

Be Ready to Mobilize

Indivisible and a coalition of over 100 organizations have committed to protecting our democracy if Trump and his Republican allies create a constitutional crisis.

It now looks like we are safe from a Coup, but there will likely be other issues we may decide to push for or against.

But stay vigilant and be ready to mobilize.

Will we need to plan Direct Action campaigns to make sure the 45th president is held accountable for the crimes he committed while in office?

Is there any other way to prevent him from returning or another wanna-be dictator from getting into office?

Be ready to mobilize.

Nonviolence is essential.

We must be disciplined when we take to the streets. This is because we must distinguish ourselves from the militarized forces who will use violence try to silence us.

This is also the only way to attract people who are still on the sidelines - those in the political center who need to be convinced that we want a just and peaceful government.

Bookmark this page - updates about nationwide protests will be posted here.

The secret of successful Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns is creativity, strategic planning & solidarity.

If on-going resistance is necessary we will move from the Protest model to the Nonviolent Direct Action model that is strategically planned and more effective.

See our Direct Action Campaign page

The Preparations Suggested Here Can be Used in the Actions as Plans Evolve

"I'm Not Sure Nonviolence is the Best Way"

Erica Chenoweth wasn't convinced either...until she did her research and found out she was wrong:

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